Netflix Wants You To Embrace All Personalities In New Spot

Netflix Wants You To Embrace All Personalities In New Spot

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 15, 2024

Netflix is taking an existential turn with its comedic new ad entitled "Who's Watching?" directed by ad legend Juan Cabral.

In the 80-second spot, viewers are introduced to Norma, who asks herself "Who the hell is watching?" when posed with the question upon opening the Netflix welcome screen. 

"Is it the one who craves for Hungarian cinema? Or the one who likes to watch hot couples cheating?" she ponders, as she fights with different versions of herself in deciding what to watch. 

While Norma's partner confronts and tells her he no longer knows her anymore, she is told by a doctor that it's normal to have many profiles on Netflix. He then prescribes Norma some of Netflix's most popular names: The Crown, and a "small dose" of Elite before hitting the sheets.

As an estranged Norma takes the bus, she is once again confronted by different versions of herself on the bus - all of which give her suggestions on what to watch on Netflix: Money Heist, Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Wednesday and more.

In a group therapy session, Norma struggles to write her name on a name tag, confused with her own identity. 

"Am I Georgina? Or Nightmare In the Kitchen?" she asks herself. 

Back in the group therapy session, Norma is asked to embrace "all the Normas you are" - no matter the show she decides to watch.

In a heartwarming ending to the spot, the different Normas embrace each other as they watch Netflix together. "Embrace all your who's," the ad concludes.

With similarities to Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series, fans will identify features of the Joan is Awful episode, starring Salma Hayek and Annie Murphy.

Crafted by creative agency David Madrid, "Who's Watching?" serves as a quirky yet enjoyable approach to the concept of binge-watching favorite TV shows.

To bring this vision to life, the team engaged Juan Cabral for direction. The esteemed Argentinian creative is known for his acclaimed works like Cadbury’s "Gorilla" and Sony’s "Balls."

The agency behind the spot calls it "Weird yet normal. Alternative yet commercial. Complex yet simple. Full of contradictions. Just like all of us."

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