Inside Netflix’s Marketing Campaign for “Wednesday”

Inside Netflix’s Marketing Campaign for “Wednesday”

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: December 30, 2022

Wednesday Addams has become a fan favorite worldwide.

Following the release of the television series “Wednesday” on Netflix, it has become practically impossible to avoid the topic of the news Addams Family show.

Netflix’s marketing campaign for Wednesday did everything to ensure that the show became the talk of the town. The spin-off quickly became the second most-watched English-speaking show on Netflix, being watched in 176 million households in the first 28 days since its release!

Playing on nostalgia and the familiarity that viewers have with Addams family characters, Netflix prepared a combination of stunt marketing, social media virality and fan publicity to prepare for the show’s release.

The Twitter account “Wednesday” became a social media touchpoint, introducing potential viewers to the modern-day Wednesday, played by actress Jenny Ortega. With over 220,000 followers, this account became the place where fans interacted, sharing memes and growing excitement about the upcoming show. Netflix has even used this interactive social media marketing campaign to cross-promote other shows on their streaming service, such as the third season of Emily in Paris.

A similar social media strategy was used for Wednesday’s iconic dance scene from the show, possibly a fan favorite. TikTokers were inspired to replicate the dance sequence, but the trend truly took off when Lady Gaga herself performed the “Wednesday dance” to her song “Bloody Mary.”

Meanwhile, the hashtag “Wednesday” has now garnered over 25 billion views on TikTok alone.

Wednesday’s demure and sarcastic attitude was also utilized for in-person advertising campaigns across the US and placed all over the city, from subway stations and billboards to trucks and elevators, posters featuring Jenny Ortega as Wednesday could be seen wherever you turn. The catch? The quotes that framed the photographs played on cult Wednesday sayings, but concerning the social setting they were presented in.

“This elevator is the only thing that will lift you up today...”

As if this wasn’t enough, the stunt marketing campaign organized by Netflix drove crowds wild in New York City.

Counting on people’s pop-culture familiarity with the bodiless hand from the Addams Family known as “The Thing”, Netflix released a real-life replica of The Thing come to life. Executed by creative agency whoisthebaldguy, the hand eerily wandered around the streets of the city, shocking passersby, as Netflix recorded their reactions.

With over 10 million views, the video production was a huge success, further hyping the release of the Wednesday spin-off.

One thing is certain, the show has been a huge success. And if you haven’t watched, now is a good time to start.

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