Netflix Takes Over Las Vegas Sphere for ATLA Launch

Netflix Takes Over Las Vegas Sphere for ATLA Launch

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 22, 2024

Netflix just dropped the highly anticipated live action remake of the "Avatar the Last Airbender" series (ATLA) — and it's using the famous Las Vegas Sphere to promote it.

In a post, the streaming giant unveiled how it transformed the Vegas Sphere into a visual spectacle.

Utilizing its gigantic LED screens, the Sphere slowly turns into a dome of ice, akin to the iceberg that Aang was trapped in at the start of the beloved cartoon.  

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The video then uses CGI to shoot a beam of light into the Vegas sky, before the building lights up with the Avatar's iconic glowing arrow. 

The spot ends with the logo of the show and Aang's flying bison Appa circling the Sphere.

ATLA Celebrates 19th Anniversary

Netflix's release of the live action remake coincides with the original animated show's 19th anniversary — a move that allows diehard ATLA fans to celebrate both iterations of the Nickelodeon classic.

In 2020, Netflix released the three-season anime, and it quickly rose to #1 and remained in the top 10 for 60 days. 

While early reactions to the live action remake have been divided, the streaming giant is betting big on the adaptation with a production budget of $120 million, with each of its eight episodes costing an estimated $15 million. 

"Avatar the Last Airbender" series premieres on Netflix today.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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