Netflix Combines Ad Plan with Carrefour Discount

Netflix Combines Ad Plan with Carrefour Discount

Published: January 17, 2024

Netflix just teamed up with French supermarket giant Carrefour in a bid to snag more budget-conscious streamers, offering discounted groceries alongside its cheapest plan.

The company is hoping to entice Carrefour customers to subscribe to its ad-supported tier, which costs €5.99 per month.

The trial bundle, which is initially accessible to customers in Bordeaux and Rouen, includes a 10% discount on Carrefour products and free shipping for orders above €60.

“Thanks to this partnership, we hope to make our series, films and games even more accessible to new audiences,” said Laurent Uguen, the sales director at Netflix.

If the trial plan proves to be successful, Netflix will make the bundle available to all of its customers in France.

Netflix is employing a similar strategy that Amazon has used to boost its Prime Video streaming service.

On top of free expedited shipping, Amazon Prime offers its members Prime Video privileges, with options to add more channels for an additional $5 to $15 per month.

Netflix has been pushing its lower-priced ad plan to attract more subscribers. The plan has reached over 23 million active users worldwide after expanding over 50% in just a couple of months.

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