Neiman Marcus Blends Fashion and Sports in Spring Collection

Neiman Marcus Blends Fashion and Sports in Spring Collection

Published: March 14, 2024

Neiman Marcus is taking a unique approach to its Spring 2024 collection with the "Quest for the Best" campaign by merging the worlds of high fashion and athletics.

It embraces the growing trend of American sportswear, offering stylish pieces from luxury brands to demonstrate how their pieces can be both stylish and adaptable for an active lifestyle.

"Quest for the Best" positions its high-end clothing as the ideal attire for those striving to achieve peak performance, both in their endeavors and their appearance.

Meet ‘The Achievers’

Central to the “Quest for the Best” campaign is a group of five inspiring individuals known as “The Achievers,” who embody the spirit of the campaign and represent various athletic disciplines:

  • Rock Climbing Powerhouse Brooke Raboutou: A champion rock climber and brand ambassador for Ralph Lauren, Raboutou is renowned for her strength and elegance on the wall
  • NBA Rising Star Kelly Oubre Jr.: This electrifying point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers is known not only for his dazzling dunks but also for his trendsetting style
  • Breakdancing Innovator Victor Montalvo: A world-renowned Olympic breakdancer, Montalvo pushes the boundaries of the art form with his groundbreaking moves
  • Record-Breaking Runner Athing Mu: She is known for her unwavering dedication and blistering speed on the track that made her the youngest woman to win an Olympic gold medal in the individual track and field category
  • Sports Business Leader Charlotte Jones: A pioneer in the world of sports business, she leads the Dallas Cowboys organization with innovative strategies
These five achievers take center stage in Neiman Marcus' "Quest for the Best" campaign for its Spring 2024 Collection.
Models (left to right): Anatol Modzelewski, Puck Schrover, Oubre Jr., Meng Zheng, and Brooke Raboutou
Source: Arnaud Lajeun, Neiman Marcus

"Fashion and sports have an intertwined history, and we are seeing that intersection peak today with athletes becoming the newest style stars in pop culture," Neiman Marcus Chief Brand Officer Nabil Aliffi said in a press release.

As part of the campaign, the Dallas-based retailer also released a 90-minute video that shows the beginnings of each Achiever’s athletic journey, as well as how they “pursue the extraordinary” in both sports and fashion.

By showcasing these diverse achievers as fashion visuals, Neiman Marcus aims to inspire customers to pursue their personal best while looking their absolute best.

The campaign will be rolled out across various platforms, including digital media, print publications, in-store displays, and exclusive events designed to create a truly immersive experience.

To further elevate the spring look, Neiman Marcus is also offering luxurious services like tailoring and personalized wardrobe consultations.

Whether shopping online, in-store, or through its various integrated channels, Neiman Marcus' team of over 3,000 expert sales associates can help curate a personalized style that perfectly reflects every individual’s taste.

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