Need for Speed Unbound with Lavish Balmain Fashion

Need for Speed Unbound with Lavish Balmain Fashion
Published: November 16, 2022

The Paris-based clothing brand Balmain is collaborating with Need for Speed Unbound to add digital Balmain-themed jeans, jacket and a pair of its bestselling B-IT sliders to the game.

Balmain will materialize in the world of Need for Speed Unbound through a character by the name of Eléonore, together with several clothing items. Some of these Eléonore will be wearing throughout the video game, such as Balmain’s Fall 2022 dresses.

The character will also be driving around in a Balmain-wrapped Lotus Evora, with decals highly suggestive of the luxury fashion brand and a couple of its clothing items. 

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According to Player One, “The Need for Speed Unbound x Balmain collab is just one of the many features that builds on the main themes of the game, which are representation, inclusivity and the freedom of self-expression.”

Aside from the French luxury brand, several other major fashion brands will also be featured in the upcoming Need for Speed title such as Versace, Puma and Palace.

What all of this suggests is that character customization will play a major role in the next iteration of the video game, given the abundance of brands set to feature in the game.

However, out of all these, Balmain is the only one that will offer a real-world counterpart to the existing in-game item. The aforementioned B-IT sliders will be available for purchase in the real world as a limited edition of 100 items. It is set to go on sale on December 14.

The latest video game fashion collab is only one of many that are happening across the creative industry.

Aside from the Need for Speed Unbound x Balmain brand partnership, Gran Turismo 7 have also joined forces with Dior to deliver a stunning branded racing suit to the game.

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