Musk’s Fans Call for Boycott of Disney+ Amid Advertising Dispute

Musk’s Fans Call for Boycott of Disney+ Amid Advertising Dispute

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 01, 2023

Following Musk's candid interview at the New York Times' Dealbook Summit, several of his supporters have called for the boycott of Disney+.

In his controversial interview, Musk insulted advertisers who have opted out of his platform with expletives, believing the public will side with X in case the platform goes bankrupt due to a loss of advertising revenue.

Musk directly called out Disney CEO Bob Iger by name, who had spoken at the event prior to him.

Disney was one of the entertainment giants that had opted out of X advertising in recent weeks over reports Musk supported an antisemitic conspiracy theory, which he now calls one of his "dumbest" social media posts ever.

Advertisers Are Firm About Halting Ads on X

Several marketing agencies have reported that major brands remain resolute in avoiding advertising on X, with some recommending a complete halt to posting on the social media platform.

The broad advertising spending halt is anticipated to turn into a permanent freeze, as Elon Musk's latest remarks didn't provide them with a motivation to change their decision.

AJL Advisory CEO Lou Paskalis argued that advertisers have no interest in returning to X due to the lack of advertising value outweighing the reputational risk.

Steve Boehler, founder of marketing management consultancy Mercer Island Group, said he believes that advertisers view X as a risky partner, as "people like to be treated well, respected and dealt with with dignity."

More than 200 advertisers have put a pause on their ad campaigns on X in recent weeks, including IBM, Disney, Apple and Ubisoft.

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