Mother and H&M Co-Sign a Love Letter to Women and Fashion

Mother and H&M Co-Sign a Love Letter to Women and Fashion
Published: October 03, 2022

For its first project for H&M, the Mother London agency decided to write a love letter dedicated to women and their relationship with fashion. The agency won the creative account with the world-renowned fashion brand earlier this year, marking the first partnership between the two companies.

The “love letter,” or rather a series of five short videos dubbed “Here for it”, is a celebration of fashion and a testament to the relationship between clothing and feelings. Whether it’s the first day at school, an important business meeting, or simply receiving compliments from strangers, fashion often plays a leading role. Mother captured that sentiment perfectly over the course of the five short ads created for H&M.

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Out-of-Home Advertising Fuels Mother’s Campaign

Marketing efforts for the latest campaign go beyond a couple of short videos. While these do form the core of Mother’s marketing campaign, a broad palette of social content and even out-of-home advertising will further bolster these efforts. Billboards will share the message of support for women, especially young women, as they face the challenges and hurdles of growing up and being confident.

The overlap between the release of the campaign and the back-to-school period is intentional. It’s one of the most difficult times for students, so empowering them and attempting to raise their self-esteem through creative fashion choices is inspiring.

The Interplay Between Young Women and Fashion

Creatives at Mother wanted to stress the relationship between young women and style, and to show that these fashion choices are anything but superficial.

“We wanted to capture the truthful interplay between young women and their fashion choices,” said Jess Reynolds, creative director at Mother London. “...from nervous first-day energy to attempting ‘smart-casual’ at work, or not feeling ‘done’ until earrings are in, through to the pure unadulterated joy of a compliment from a stranger.”

“Here for it” manages to convey this sentiment in its entirety, in no small part thanks to women themselves. Using insights and testimonials gathered from hours of conversation with young women about the crossover between feelings and fashion, Mother delivered an outstanding campaign that is certain to resonate with its target audience.

More importantly, the agency opted for a realistic, down-to-earth aesthetic that eschews overconfidence to make the ads relatable and relevant.

“It’s moments like these that are key when young women think of fashion,” Reynolds went on to say. “We stayed away from showing stereotypical ‘boss babes’ or an overly perfect glossy aesthetic, instead presenting them in a way that was actually relatable and authentic for our audience. Our social films and OOH are hopefully surprising and refreshing takes on fashion feelings that spread H&M ‘Here for It’ vibes.”

“Here for it” certainly does feel refreshing, at least in terms of content. Ultimately, the target audience, i.e., young women, will be the judges of that.

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