MLS Clubs to Receive Exclusive Beats Headphones

MLS Clubs to Receive Exclusive Beats Headphones

Published: February 19, 2024

Major League Soccer (MLS) and Beats by Dr. Dre have just announced a multi-year partnership, signifying a collaboration between two prominent figures in their respective fields.

This agreement designates Beats as the “official consumer audio products partner” of MLS, marking a unique venture poised to enhance the fan experience both on and off the pitch, according to a press release.

The initial phase of the partnership will see eight MLS teams receive custom-designed Beats headphones in 2024, reflecting each team’s colors and identities.

However, the exclusive Beats headphones will not be up for sale to the public.

The custom-design Beats headphones will be exclusively available to MLS players (Source: MLS)

This campaign extends beyond the custom headphones, as Beats also plans to integrate MLS players into their marketing campaigns.

Players frequently use headphones on the field, often serving as a source of focus and pre-game motivation, making them natural brand ambassadors for the popular audio company, Beats CMO Chris Thorne explains.

“Beats will be working closely with the MLS clubs and top players to deliver amazing experiences throughout the upcoming season,” Thorne added.

To further solidify the connection between music and sports, MLS players’ playlists will be made available on Apple Music.

“There’s tons of interest around ‘I see my favorite athletes wearing these headphones warming up, but what’s in them?’” Camilo Durana, MLS EVP for Apple partnership, properties, and events, shared in an interview.

“As fans see them on the field, we’re going to continue to use the power of our Apple partnerships to build playlists and make them accessible to fans, promote them on social and on broadcasts, and give fans an insight as to what’s happening on the field as players are prepping with Beats headphones.”

Apple TV is the official partner of MLS, exclusively broadcasting all the matches. The tech giant also just released an ad for its MLS Season Pass, which features legendary footballer Lionel Messi.

MLS continues to experience significant growth, attracting increased viewership and investment.

Partnering with a globally recognized brand like Beats further underscores this upward trajectory and its desire to reach new audiences, particularly younger demographics who connect deeply with both music and sports.

Ultimately, the partnership signifies a strategic alliance that could elevate the overall experience for both fans and players, amplifying the excitement and energy of the "Beautiful Game" in the United States.

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