Minute Maid's New Ad Stars Jon Hamm Doing 'Nothing'

Minute Maid's New Ad Stars Jon Hamm Doing 'Nothing'
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 11, 2024

Coca-Cola-owned Minute Maid just launched its first global campaign, enlisting the help of American actor Jon Hamm to star in a commercial do the unthinkable: nothing.

The two-minute spot titled "The Big Nothing" kicks off with Hamm talking to himself in front of the mirror, practicing his facial impressions and hand gestures in preparation for his role in the new Minute Maid commercial. 

However, the actor isn't quite sure what to do.

In the next scene, he sits in front of an executive who asks him if he has read the script, even if the script contains no lines whatsoever. 

"I'm a little confused. What is the ask?" Hamm questions, to which the executive replies with, "Nothing." 

On set, the director tells him he's doing too much for his role. "Less," the director suggests, much to the actor's confusion. 

When he runs into the video production staff, he asks them whether he should head to hair and makeup, but they say there's no need for that. 

Throughout the spot, Hamm decodes the purpose of his role in the Minute Maid campaign, as the executive repeatedly tells him to do nothing. 

Eventually, things start to make sense for the "Top Gun" actor.

"And then, it clicked. I understood. I saw the vision. They say there are no small roles, only small actors," Hamm thinks to himself as he approaches the set to do his scene. 

To conclude the spot, the star turns to the camera as it zooms in on his hands carrying a bottle of Minute Maid Zero Sugar. 

"Great taste and zero sugar sells itself," Hamm closes.

A Campaign That 'Sells Itself'

The playful ads, crafted by Studio X under the umbrella of creative agency WPP Open X comes as part of the brand's "Sells Itself" campaign.

Katalin Czigler, senior director of global brand strategy at Coca-Cola, explains the rationale behind the hilarious new spot.

"Sales and market share are talking for itself," she states. "We thought it was time to expand and build awareness even further."

Minute Maid Zero Sugar has been on North American shelves for a few years, garnering a positive response from consumers without significant marketing efforts.

"The core creative idea is embedded in the fact that the product sells itself," Czigler emphasizes. "We don’t need celebrities or any crazy marketing."

And it seems that the juice's social media marketing when it comes to Hamm will also be nothing, as the Mad Men star "isn't on social."

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The campaign taps into the growing demand for low-sugar products, a trend observed in nearly three in five consumers, according to Mintel research.

Despite the seriousness of this trend, Minute Maid Zero Sugar's marketing approach remains light-hearted and fun; and with the inclusion of Hamm, aims to convey the product's quality in an engaging manner.

"He’s laid back, approachable and fun, with a great sense of humor, and he transferred his personality to the campaign," Czigler remarks.

Minute Maid Zero Sugar will also feature non-celebrity spots to further emphasize the product's appeal.

The campaign will span various platforms, including online channels, social media, out-of-home advertising and influencer partnerships.

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Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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