Ryan Reynolds Drops the F-Bomb in New Mint Mobile Ad

Ryan Reynolds Drops the F-Bomb in New Mint Mobile Ad
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 06, 2024

U.S. mobile virtual network operator Mint Mobile has teamed up once again with actor Ryan Reynolds in a hilarious new spot promoting its premium wireless offerings.

In the 30-second commercial titled "Mint Mobile's Explicitly Premium Wireless," Reynolds brings back his brand of humor, dropping F-bombs in each sentence.

Reynolds explains that Mint Mobile is bringing back their "Deflation Promotion," slashing the price of its three-month unlimited plan from $30 to $15 for new customers, as "Big Wireless has once again raised their prices."

"The marketing department asked me to be as explicit as possible when explaining it," the Deadpool star shares.

And taking the marketing department's word literally, he begins to curse on top of his original promotional monologue. 

"F*** me to the moon and back, that's a great f****** deal. Explicit enough, marketing f***s?" the actor sarcastically quips, as the spot ends. 

Mint Mobile and Reynolds Go Way Back

With a deal that's been up and running since 2019, Reynolds has injected his own brand of humor into Mint Mobile's promotions for almost half a decade. 

The 47-year-old Hollywood star has made over 40 different spots with the service provider, made together with Reynolds' own creative agency, Maximum Effort. 

The spots come with their own unique skits starring Reynolds, ranging from AI-generated scripts and collaborations with brands, such as Jack in the Box.

This latest Mint Mobile spot shows that the mobile network's relationship with Reynolds has the potential to last a decade, even more.

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