Minecraft and Burberry Make for an Unlikely Match in Gaming Collaboration

Minecraft and Burberry Make for an Unlikely Match in Gaming Collaboration

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: November 07, 2022

An unlikely collaboration has brought together two world-renowned industry names: Burberry and Minecraft.

Who would have thought that the future of brand collaborations would see gaming crossing paths with fashion?

While the British luxury fashion house and the original indie game have a recognizable square design in common, it seems that they have found multiple reasons to venture together into the metaverse.

“Uniting two brands with shared values of exploration, creativity and self-expression, the collaboration marks the first time that Burberry has partnered with a gaming franchise to create a fully immersive and branded in-game experience, which is bespoke in both landscape and story line”.

A collaborative Minecraft game titled “Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond” presents a blurring of the digital and physical world:

“Commencing in a fantastical version of the City of London, the home and global headquarters of Burberry, the game is punctuated by creative references to the brand’s universe. With a venturesome and fast-paced narrative, game players assume the role of a modern explorer, adventuring into the unknown to restore four element-inspired realms to harmony.”

Classic Minecraft-style avatars can be seen wearing items from a Burberry x Minecraft capsule collection, which will be available for purchase in seven physical stores around the world.

Playing on already loved Burberry pieces, like the iconic Burberry trench, this capsule collection brings together Burberry check with recognizable Minecraft creepers, presenting clothing items including t-shirts, sweatpants and a scarf that successfully fuse the visual branding of two cult companies.

(Source: Minecraft)
Source: Minecraft

Believe it or not, this is not Burberry’s first venture into gaming (although it might just be its most notable).

In 2019, Burberry released its first game B Bounce, while in 2021, it launched its first in-game NFT collection in partnership with Mythical Games. In July of this year, it introduced the recognizable Lola bag as a virtual collection in Roblox.

While they are the first-luxury fashion brand to partner with Minecraft, the video game has already collaborated with both Lacoste and Uniqlo.

Although the Burberry x Minecraft item with the lowest price tag is a scarf for the price of $250 (the most expensive is a coat which costs $3,000!), they have found a loyal niche, proven by the fact that the scarf was sold old out one day after launch.

It may seem like the gaming and fashion industries have little in common, but their approaches to innovation and creativity are seeing these two worlds overlap and show great potential for success.

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