Mindshare Bolsters Leadership Ranks with New Hires

Mindshare Bolsters Leadership Ranks with New Hires

Published: October 05, 2022

One of GroupM media agencies, Mindshare Australia is strengthening its leadership ranks with new appointments, much like other international company operations such as the one in India. Mindshare Australia appointed a new chief strategy officer and chief product officer, successfully bolstering its executive leadership team.

Catherine Rushton has taken on the role of national chief strategy officer, following a promotion that’s seen her rise from the head of strategy role. Elliot Eldridge will take her previous position.

Since 2016, Rushton has been reshaping Mindshare’s creative proposition and perfecting its strategic product. With more than ten years in leadership roles, Rushton is a leading strategy expert who has the potential to fulfill Mindshare's “good growth” proposition.

MindShare Australia leadership
[Source: Mindshare] 
Left to right: Eldridge, Rushton and Gibson 

Gavin Gibson, the former chief strategy officer at Omnicom Media Group (OMG), will continue operating in a different capacity for Mindshare. Gibson is the new chief product officer, so he’ll be returning to Australia to carry out his duties.

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience in leadership roles across various APAC markets, Gibson was a logical choice for Mindshare. He will take charge of the integration of data and technology to aid company growth.

“The opportunity to bring together a cross-function team with a clear mandate to simplify this complexity and build towards a long-term Good Growth proposition is a unique and exciting challenge.”

While the two new appointments are the latest changes in Mindshare leadership, they’re not the only ones. Maria Grivas, the former CEO of IPG Mediabrands’ digital agency Reprise, has become Mindshare's new CEO in April. The previous CEO of the company, Katie Rigg-Smith, joined the broader WPP group as a chief strategy officer.

“Over the last few years, I’ve been thinking about the shape that marketing takes in today’s climate, and how equipped brands are for the continuous change of tomorrow,” Grivas said, and added: “The challenges we are solving for, achieving sustainable growth that is good for business, people, and the planet, require more than a single point solution.”

The recent changes came in only after Mindshare Australia managed to retain the local Nike media account, which cannot be said about the brand’s accounts in other countries, which fell under IPG Mediabrands’ Initiative. The US is the only country besides Australia where Initiative didn’t win the account, and was instead claimed by PMG.

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