Miller Lite Launches New All-Star Gen and Retro Beer Tapes

Miller Lite Launches New All-Star Gen and Retro Beer Tapes

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 22, 2024

Miller Lite, together with creative agency Leo Burnett, is reviving the iconic "Great Taste, Less Filling" debate with a fresh lineup of All Stars for a modern-day campaign, set to debut during March Madness. 

The lineup, which features a handful of familiar faces, aims to reignite the age-old discussion that has intrigued beer enthusiasts for decades: "What's the best thing about Miller Lite? Does it Taste Great, or is it Less Filling?"

"Miller Lite launched the Light beer category with this iconic debate that has remained unanswered, and we want to continue the conversation for years to come," Ann Legan, vice president of marketing for Miller Family shared.

The New Great Taste vs. Less Filling Debate

The campaign stars American actor Luke Wilson, former NFL star J.J. Watt, former NBA players Reggie Miller and David Ortiz, former New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, and Olympic gold medalist Mia Hamm. 

Alongside the campaign launch, the beer brand has put out three new spots assembling the all stars to "join a new team" — an ode to its 15-year campaign that goes way back in 1975. 

In the first ad titled "Destiny," Watt gets candid about his life after retiring from sports.

One night, he gets a VHS tape mysteriously handed to him by his doorstep, which is later revealed to be Miller Lite's old Beer Tapes.

The former NFL defensive then plays the tape on an old television and sees John Madden, Bob Uecker and other previous All-Stars debating on the best thing about Miller Lite. 

Seemingly going back in time, the narrator (Wilson) then says, "the tape had inspired J.J. and his fellow retirees to join the new team."

The spot ends with Wilson having the last word, "Isn't it great tasting and less filling?"

The next ad called "Suite" sees Watt, Wilson and Miller inside a lounge room, engaging in a playful banter over the brand's merits. 

"It's less filling Miller Lite," Watt interrupts Miller, who argues the beer instead has "great taste." 

Wilson then joins in on the conversation, believing that Miller Lite is both great tasting and is less filling. 

"Isn't that kind of its thing?" he asks. "I'm giving this a lot of thought guys, so bear with me. Let it be both, alright?

In the third and final installation, Ortiz and Posada are seen in a locker room debating over the same issue, but in Spanish. To close the spot, Posada hands over a can of Miller Lite to Ortiz.

In a press release, Watt expressed his joy over his involvement in the campaign.

"I've always been team Less Filling, and that won't change, but to have the opportunity to work with Miller Lite to officially reignite this major debate is pretty special being from Wisconsin," he shared.

"Let's keep the Lite-hearted conversation alive for another decade!"

Miller Lite Brings Back Beer Tapes

To commemorate the return of the "Great Taste, Less Filling" campaign, Miller Lite is introducing Beer Tapes, a nostalgic nod to its athlete-filled past.

Additionally, fans can get their hands on a playable VHS tape and a VHS-shaped novelty glass, allowing them to enjoy their favorite beer in a unique way.

Miller Lite's Beer Tapes package includes a playable VHS tape and a VHS-shaped novelty glass.
Miller Lite's Beer Tapes Package | Source: Miller Lite

For enthusiasts eager to join the debate, they can visit the last remaining BLOCKBUSTER® store in Bend, Oregon, on March 28 to pick up a Miller Lite Beer Tape in person.

Alternatively, fans can enter a sweepstakes on Miller Lite's Instagram page for a chance to win the Beer Tape package and beer supply for a year.

"Now with the help of a new generation of All Stars and the nostalgic and drinkable VHS Beer Tapes, fans can proclaim their loyalty to their favorite side of the debate by scanning their very own Beer Tapes and locking in their answer, Great Taste, or Less Filling," Legan concluded.

Meanwhile, Stella Artois has enlisted the help of David Beckham to be its new hand model.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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