Miller High Life Releases “A Christmas Story” Leg Lamp

Miller High Life Releases “A Christmas Story” Leg Lamp

Published: December 07, 2022

Miller High Life unveiled a limited-edition High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower as an homage to “A Christmas Story” which was released 39 years ago but still holds cultural significance, as the brand has just proven.

While the High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower isn’t an exact replica of the original, at least not in terms of size, the beer company stated that it’s a clear nod to “A Christmas Story,” with several key differences. The High Life Leg Lamp is modeled after the brand's Girl in the Moon from its labels, but it does arrive in a "fra-gee-lay" box, so it "must be Italian!"

High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower comes with three battery-powered, remote-controlled puck lights to brighten up the space, while also allowing you to drink from it. That’s only reasonable, considering it is a beer brand that is producing this masterpiece ahead of the holidays.

The 3-and-a-half-foot, 35-pound leg can hold a whole six-pack of beer that the proud owner can enjoy by sipping a beverage directly from the ankle, or by pouring it from the ankle into a glass for those feeling less adventurous.

"The iconic piece is perfect for a friend who is a holiday movie buff, for a white elephant party to be the talk of the night, or for yourself to toast to making it through another year," a spokesperson for Miller High Life explained in a statement. "It's so indescribably beautiful you'll want to display it in your front room window!"

Since it’s a limited-edition product, those willing to get their hands on Miller High Life’s leg will have to be quick. The gift goes on sale on Friday, December 9 at 10 a.m. ET for $120. The price tag is yet another nod, only this time "in homage to Miller High Life's upcoming 120th anniversary”, according to the brand.

Food&Wine stated that the boot “can be found exclusively in the Miller High Life online holiday shop while supplies last, alongside other High Life gifts like a High Life festive sweater, High Life string lights, and a High Life pewter ornament.”

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