Microsoft Teams Up with Baidu To Boost AI-Powered Ads

Microsoft Teams Up with Baidu To Boost AI-Powered Ads

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 06, 2023

Microsoft Advertising has announced a new strategic partnership with Baidu Global, set to launch in 2024 in key markets such as the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia.

The collaboration will utilize Microsoft's Chat Ads API and Baidu Global Keyboard, a mobile app with natural language processing (NLP) and generative AI features, to deliver personalized and engaging sponsored content.

This integration aims to enhance user experiences, particularly with the Gen Z audience, by providing more relevant content across various app environments.

Outside of its developments with OpenAI, the partnership represents a significant move for the tech giant in the field of AI advertising, with plans to evolve conversational ad products based on advertiser feedback.

The collaboration comes as part of Microsoft Advertising's efforts to expand its reach and efficiency for advertisers, especially as the holiday season approaches.

Microsoft Boosts Its Advertising Efforts

In addition to its partnership with Baidu, Microsoft Advertising has introduced other notable developments.

Launched last year, Microsoft Store Ads has now been launched globally and will let advertisers boost app and game downloads with broad geographic targeting.

Video and Connected TV advertising have been extended to 32 markets, while Store Ads has introduced bulk management for predictive targeting.

The tech giant also upgraded its Google Import feature to facilitate the import of discovery and demand gen campaigns from Google Ads.

Furthermore, Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise have now formally transitioned to Copilot, enhancing the AI-driven chat experience for users.

Copilot is set to receive assistance for OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo model, along with an enhanced DALL-E 3 model, a novel code interpreter feature, and expanded deep search capabilities within Bing.

“This model is currently being tested with select users and will be widely integrated into Copilot in the coming weeks,” shared Yusuf Medhi, Microsoft EVP and consumer CMO.

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