Microsoft Teams Sees AI Upgrades for Backgrounds

Microsoft Teams Sees AI Upgrades for Backgrounds

Published: November 17, 2023

Microsoft is set to roll out two innovative AI-powered features for Teams, enhancing both visuals and audio.

The first, a "decorate your background" feature, is slated to debut on Microsoft Teams Premium in early 2024.

Leveraging generative AI effects, this feature transforms real-world rooms during video calls, adding elements like plants, lights, and seasonal objects to eliminate background clutter.

Unlike standard virtual backgrounds, this feature aims to seamlessly integrate with the physical environment. 

In addition to the visual upgrade, Microsoft is introducing a voice isolation feature expected to launch later this year.

Designed to optimize voice clarity during unscheduled calls and meetings, Teams will recognize enrolled users' voices and effectively suppress background noise.

This AI-driven functionality ensures that only the enrolled user's voice is transmitted, making it ideal for maintaining focus in noisy environments such as coffee shops. 

While these advancements mark notable additions, Microsoft isn't stopping there.

The company is also refining Copilot in Microsoft Teams, introducing features like meetings without transcription, a writing assistant for messages and meeting recaps.

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