Microsoft Advertising Updates Its Email Notification System

Microsoft Advertising Updates Its Email Notification System

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 15, 2023

Microsoft has revamped its email notification system to alert marketers on the approval status of their ads, keywords and offers. 

These updates will entail more frequent alerts, enhanced insights and technical error notifications. 

Microsoft's goal for the update is to inform marketers quicker and with more detailed information about ad disapprovals, allowing them more time to address issues and minimize disruptions to campaigns.

Moving forward, emails will deliver information about accounts within a Manager Customer Account that have experienced new rejections in the last 24 hours.

Furthermore, technical errors impacting the visibility of Product Ad Offers will be specifically emphasized.

Users can access rejected content by clicking the link in the email, which directs them to the Microsoft Advertising Campaign UI.

Responding to disapprovals, marketers have the option to maintain flagged content without changes or make necessary adjustments for policy compliance and submit an appeal.

Two appeal options will be available for users:

  • Request an Exception through the Microsoft Advertising UI
  • Contact Microsoft Advertising Customer Support 

Microsoft Advertising emphasized the importance of compliance with policies and laws, stating that policies safeguard the safety and security of their services. 

"When we determine that an ad or ad component may violate policy, we will disapprove the applicable ad or ad component, and the associated disapproval message will state the policy that you might have violated, and how to redress the violation through our appeal process," the company concluded.

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