Michelob ULTRA Kicks It up a Notch with a Fresh Qatar World Cup Ad

Michelob ULTRA Kicks It up a Notch with a Fresh Qatar World Cup Ad
Published: November 10, 2022

Michelob ULTRA, a light lager born to the right mix of Herkules hops and whole grains, threw its hat into the ring of the best Qatar World Cup ads.

A 30-second spot sees soccer stars Christian Pulisic, Carli Lloyd and Guillermo Ochoa wind down ahead of the Qatar World Cup by engaging in a friendly match of foosball, of all things.

What else to expect from Michelob ULTRA’s star trio?

The ad features Pulisic with his back against the wall as Lloyd pummels his goalie relentlessly, and Ochoa, who is hanging out in a booth with friends, waits for his turn to shine at the foosball table. Every one of them is enjoying a fresh-looking bottle of Michelob ULTRA light lager as the ad comes to an end, reminding viewers that “it’s only worth it if you enjoy it.”

The final line of the ad is the very core of Michelob ULTRA’s message ahead of the Qatar World Cup -- that is “joy is an essential part of the journey for soccer’s biggest stars and its biggest fans”.

Without joy and the celebration of soccer as a beloved sport, there’s little to look forward to in the upcoming championship.

The “It’s Only Worth It If You Enjoy It” creative ad reminds viewers the joy doesn’t end at the final whistle, hence the soccer star trio’s foosball competition. Michelob ULTRA’s tweet hammers away at this point.

The brand’s action-packed TVC launched its world cup campaign, with a limited-edition, unofficial World Cup jersey for fans to get their hands on. The jersey, which was created in collaboration with one of the freshest designers in the game, Guillermo Andrade, is a tribute to soccer fans everywhere, specifically designed with Qatar in mind.

Andrade, who has spent the last 10 years delivering shining examples of top urban fashion and sneaker designs, has once again proven that he has a real passion for fashion (and soccer).

Now that four years have passed, another world cup is ahead of us. This year’s competition, smack bang in the middle of the holiday season, is gearing up to be the event to go down in soccer history, not just for its November opening, but for the location as well.

Besides celebrating soccer, fans can keep cheering on all the brands like Michelob ULTRA competing for the title of the best World Cup ad. And the competition is really heating up.

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