Michelob ULTRA Becomes First Big Sponsor for Women's Sports Network

Michelob ULTRA Becomes First Big Sponsor for Women's Sports Network

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: April 02, 2023

Michelob ULTRA has established a yearlong partnership as the first major sponsor of Women's Sports Networkbranded as the first streaming service that focuses exclusively on women’s sports coverage.  

Launched in November, FAST Studio’s Women’s Sports Network has partnered with leagues such as the Women’s National Basketball Association and the Ladies Professional Golf Association.  

With Michelob ULTRA being one of the fastest-growing brands in the Anheuser-Besch InBev portfolio, it’s positioning with the Women’s Sports Network has the potential to lead to great success for both.  

"Michelob ULTRA believes women's sports fans everywhere deserve an equal experience. We're proud to continue our commitment of supporting gender equality in sports by working with partners like the Women's Sports Network to give more people access to the athletes and sports they love,” said Ricardo Marques, VP of Marketing at Michelob ULTRA. 

Through the partnership, Michelob ULTRA will develop content with the network to highlight how its brand ties into the sports industry. A daily highlights program on the network titled “Game On” will place additional focus on the brand. 

"When we launched the network as a FAST Channel last year, we envisioned working with Michelob ULTRA and together bringing women's sports programming directly to the fans for free,” added FAST Studios CEO Stuart McLean.  

The network will be available on multiple platforms, including LG Channels, Tubi and Freevee, furthering the beverage brand’s reach.  

Considering AB InBev’s recent announcement of a five-year pledge and committing $100 million to increase the visibility of women’s sports, its role as the official sponsor for the Women’s Sports Network is a partnership that will surely result in high-quality content.  

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