Miami Beach 'Breaks Up' with Spring Breakers in New Campaign

Miami Beach 'Breaks Up' with Spring Breakers in New Campaign
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 08, 2024

Miami Beach is launching a new campaign to intensify its efforts in managing the influx of spring breakers.

The city's latest initiative, highlighted in a new public service announcement (PSA), presents a departure from traditional party-centric images associated with spring break.

Along with the PSA, the city's socials released a one-minute spot titled "It's Not Us, It's You," which shows locals talking directly with spring breakers.

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Reminiscent of a breakup conversation, the locals address the challenges posed by spring break celebrations.

"Our idea of a good time is relaxing on the beach, hitting up the spa, or checking out a new restauraunt. You just want to get drunk in public and ignore laws," the three citizens share in the video. 

Notably, they also brought up the chaotic and violent incidents during last year's spring break that led to injuries and deaths.

"That was our breaking point, so, we're breaking up with you," one of the locals added. 

The commercial ends with the message, "This March, you can expect things like curfews, bag checks, restricted beach access, DUI checkpoints, $100 parking, and strong police enforcement for drug possession and violence."

How Miami Is Curbing Spring Break Celebrations

In recent years, Miami Beach has set curfews during spring break to control disorder.

Despite the pandemic's impact, spring break went ahead in 2021, leading to over 1,000 arrests.

In 2022, two shooting incidents injured five people, while last year's celebration saw 7,190 traffic tickets issued, 488 people arrested, and 105 guns seized just from the period of February 27 to March 27.

In response to the anticipated influx of visitors, law enforcement agencies are bolstering their ranks and deploying advanced surveillance technology this year.

South Florida is set to receive additional state troopers, with Miami Beach being a focal point for heightened security measures.

As part of the enhanced strategy, drones, mobile command vehicles and automated license-plate readers will also be deployed.

Parking restrictions, including the closure of parking garages in South Beach, further underscore the city's determination to mitigate the impact of spring break festivities.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted the city's committment to curb disruptive behavior and issued a stern warning to potential troublemakers, "You are going to pay the price, and we will hold you accountable because that's what we do here."

"Some people may be coming from other jurisdictions where they can get away with this type of activity. That is not going to fly in the Sunshine State."

Meanwhile, California just launched its new tourism campaign.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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