Mark Zuckerberg Celebrates 20 Years of Facebook In New Video

Mark Zuckerberg Celebrates 20 Years of Facebook In New Video

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 05, 2024

It is Facebook's 20th birthday, and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is celebrating it by remembering the company's humble beginnings. 

In a post on the social media app, Zuckerberg shared a short video montage composed of different clips formative to Facebook's development.

"I have a feeling this is gonna go by real fast," the video's text wrote.

The 23-second throwback shows young Zuckerberg in front of his computer, a precious moment with his now wife Priscilla Chan, and other moments that played an important part in the growing success of the platform — all to the tune of Aerosmith's hit song "Dream On."

The video ends with an old clip of the Facebook creator sharing his expectations on the app during its initial launch.

"When it first launched, we were hoping for, you know, maybe 400 to 500 people. Now, we're at a 100,000 people, so who knows where we're going next," Zuckerberg said at the time. 

To further celebrate the milestone, he also updated his Facebook profile picture to the first one he used back in 2004. 

Facebook has grown to be among the most used social media apps in the world, alongside the likes of the Alphabet's YouTube and Meta's Instagram. 

A recent study by Pew Research Center revealed that the app still reigns as the second most used social media service in the United States, with over 68% reported to using Facebook.

In 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta, marking a significant shift in the tech giant's direction.

The new label reflected the company's efforts to build the "metaverse," a new virtual reality space that Meta heavily invested in. 

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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