Meta's 'Culture Rising' Report Lets Marketers In on What's Trending in 2023

Meta's 'Culture Rising' Report Lets Marketers In on What's Trending in 2023

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: March 02, 2023

Meta’s newly published “Culture Rising: 2023 Trends Report” results from over four million global conversations on Instagram and Facebook, distilled into four key themes to look out for in 2023. 

Marketing has faced instability in the past year, tackling questions about everything from macroeconomic conditions to the future of branding. That’s why it is important to know what people are talking about and what it says about the future.  

“We unpack what’s driving the trends, why we believe they’re sticking and what’s next – so you can see what it all means for you and your strategy”, explains Meta in the full report.

Exploratory Identities

According to Meta’s research, the world has been thinking a lot about identity, how we perceive others and how we present ourselves.  

The #BodyPositivityMovement is still kickstarting conversations worldwide, with words related to body hair garnering the most mentions. For example, “Epilator” has been mentioned 512% more than the previous year. 

However, bodily autonomy in the virtual space may be the trend we look at most in 2023. “The rise in conversation on topics like avatar points us toward the future, as our bodily presence extends beyond the physical and into the virtual,” states the report. Yet, just 28% of Gen Zers feel a person’s virtual avatar needs to reflect their real-world physical features.  

Regarding identities, people are becoming increasingly invested in learning about various cultures. Chinese, Jewish, Latin American and Polynesian cultures are trending, with 71% of people looking to understand and learn about cultures beyond their own.  

The importance of intersectionality in culture prevails with the phrase “women’s empowerment”, increasing by 1,138% in conversations worldwide.  

Brands should consider amplifying diverse voices and reviewing how they approach inclusivity. 

Refined Relationships

Love is trending again, and romance may be alive and well after all. “People are putting their whole journeys out there, whether they’re going on a blind date or declaring their love,” explains the report. 

Celebratory milestones are an important trend for individuals and brands alike. As a result, the term “countdown” has significantly grown, proving audiences' excitement for big occasions, whether personal moments or public events. 

People are looking to the stars for all the romantics out there. Both “astral plane” and “astrology” saw a significant increase in mentions. Meta speculates that this could be one of the reasons audiences are turning to VR experiencesto bring the impossible to their doorstep. “Perhaps this thought gives people hope,” the report concludes. 

In the next year, brands should focus on building and strengthening their community, ensuring consumers feel included and inspired. 

Assertive Aspirations

We are looking for the best in ourselves and others. That’s why assertiveness and action are essential this year and working toward our hopes and goals. 

Popular psychology could bring us a step closer to that, and most people are boarding the self-help train (and no more extended mind discussing it publicly). The number of Instagram posts mentioning “therapy” has jumped by more than a whopping 53 times year over year. 

Additionally, work-life balance is a trend here to stay in 2023. People are openly re-examining the role of work in their everyday lives, kickstarting existential debates on social media. Mentions of “employee retention” has increased by 385% and Meta research shows that 41% agree that doing meaningful, fulfilling work is more important than ever.  

If brands want to make the most of the current atmosphere, marketers should try to inspire and uplift their audiences to do better instead of underestimating them.  

You can draw inspiration from your brand’s expertise, the causes you champion, or your unique personality. Uplift with entertainment or enlighten with expert tips, from money matters to mental wellness,” suggests Meta’s report, tying in some 2023 trends such as popular psychology and financial literacy. 

Blurb of TOMS 10x10 Impact Initiative campaign for mental health
(Source: TOMS)
TOMS 10x10 Impact Initative Campaign

Lived Values

Standing up for your values and calling audiences to action is more important than ever. People worldwide are using the internet to spread the word and motivate others to do the same. As a result, talk of values is present in our personal and public lives, and Meta’s research has the results to prove it. 

Everyone is picking up a hobby to uplift themselves during uncertain times. By documenting their hobbies on social media, audiences focus on portraying themselves and their journeys more authentically. Regarding hobbies, online mentions of “top rope climbing” seems to be taking the lead, followed closely by “stamp collecting.” 

However, values shine brightest in the field of activism, with social media being utilized to raise awareness about universal causes. “People are engaging around showing up for demonstrations and protests against oppression and in support of minority groups and others with social vulnerability,” states the Meta 2023 Trends Report.  

The best thing brands can do refuse to stay quiet, instead leveraging their platforms to speak up about their values and offer themselves as allies for an important cause.  

Patagonia campaign visual for Action Works Environmental activism
(Source: Patagonia)
Patagonia Action Works Environmental Campaign
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