Mercedes-Benz to Adopt Google ‘Supercomputers’ in New Partnership

Mercedes-Benz to Adopt Google ‘Supercomputers’ in New Partnership

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 23, 2023

Mercedez-Benz has partnered with Google to offer “supercomputer-like performance” in its automobile units in a move to rival Tesla and other Chinese car giants.  

Through the partnership, Mercedes hopes to offer predictive traffic information and automatic rerouting in its units through Google’s technology. “This will give the luxury automaker access to Google’s leading geospatial offering, including detailed information about places, real-time and predictive traffic information, automatic rerouting, and more,” Mercedes wrote in a press release. 

Mercedes car owners can also enjoy watching YouTube videos incorporated into the cars’ entertainment system while it is parked or in Level 3 autonomous driving mode. 

“We invite only the very best software and app development partners to enhance our operating system and to add to the Mercedes-Benz customer experience. Google has been a leader in maps and navigation for many years. With our strategic partnership, we are excited to create unique services and to elevate the level of convenience for our customers,” Mercedes-Benz Ola Källenius shared. 

Aside from Google Services, Mercedes’ upcoming vehicles will also house “hyperscreens” that extend across the cars’ cockpits.  

While Mercedes works about its new partnership, other automobile companies such as General Motors, Renault, Nissan and Ford have already incorporated Google services into their own cars, allowing drivers to access multiple apps such as Google Maps, Google Assistant and other applications in their systems. 


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