Meet the 'Bud Light Genie' in Beer Brand's New Super Bowl Ad

Meet the 'Bud Light Genie' in Beer Brand's New Super Bowl Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 06, 2024

AB InBev's Bud Light has finally unveiled its Super Bowl commercial, introducing a new character: the "Bud Light Genie."

"Easy Night Out" kicks off with a die-hard Peyton Manning fan nervously swinging open his fridge as his buddies watch the Big Game.

As he pops the top on his brew, the Bud Light Genie comes out sporting stylish Bud Light-themed gear.

The Genie wastes no time and goes on a wish-granting spree, turning the gang's wildest fantasies into reality: full-on '80s metal hair, dreams of being "stinking rich," the power of invisibility, and bulging biceps beyond belief.

Source: Bud Light

After getting a sweet set of wheels, the crew hits their local bar and wishes for buckets of Bud Light, extra hands for the bartender, and for NFL legend Peyton Manning's presence.

"The Sheriff" then magically poofs next to his admirer, who is left speechless. The night takes a wilder turn as the Bud Light Genie continues to work his magic.

American rapper and singler Post Malone enters the building, receiving a warm welcome. A man gets turned into a golden retriever for flirting with a woman at the bar.

The big-bicep friend gets transported to a UFC face-off event, where Dana White makes a special appearance.

"He's gonna need another bicep," the UFC president comically quips. 

Before you know it, Malone is throwing an epic house party turned concert, complete with a surprise T-Rex crashing the scene.

"Who ordered the T-Rex?" one of the gang asks, only for the "Sunflower" singer to sheepishly confess.

"Easy to drink. Easy to enjoy," the screen reads as the spot ends. 

Company and Cast Talk Bud Light

"We wanted to put the fans first in everything that we do, so you’ll see unparalleled access, epic experiences that turns into great content," Todd Allen, VP of marketing for Bud Light, said in an interview. "As for the celebrities featured in the spot, we went big this year."

Meanwhile, Manning emphasized Super Bowl as the highlight of the NFL season for any player, as well as Bud Light. 

"We had a lot of fun making this commercial, and I’m sure a lot of people are going to be thinking through what they would wish for if they were lucky enough to meet the Bud Light Genie." the ex-quarterback explained. 

According to Allen, Bud Light is set to pursue a series of activations this year, including a feature at the Las Vegas Sphere and a concert featuring Zach Bryan and Leon Bridges.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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