MediaCom & Coca-Cola Host a Virtual Summer Party on ZaiZai

MediaCom & Coca-Cola Host a Virtual Summer Party on ZaiZai

Published: November 02, 2022

MediaCom, part of the WPP advertising family, brought in ZaiZai, a large interactive short video platform to promote Coca-Cola to a younger generation.

ZaiZai, a platform that is in many regards similar to TikTok, was the perfect venue for one of GroupM’s creative agencies.

MediaCom carried out WPP OpenX’s mission of keeping Coca-Cola in the hearts and minds of younger generations splendidly, by simply hosting a virtual party.

“Coca-Cola’s ZaiZai Douyin” (or TikTok avatar), was the theme of the virtual summer party MediaCom China hosted on the platform. You can find the campaign preview on WPP’s website, along with more information on this unusual brand strategy.

The summer rolled in, and with it, the launch of MediaCom China’s campaign.

It included branded self-made avatars and eight hangout scenes that are a virtual take on popular Gen Z themes and locations.

For example, one of the more frequently seen themes among the younger population is glamping, a portmanteau of glamorous and camping. It’s exactly what it sounds like: going camping, but only without foregoing any of the luxuries and comforts of civilization. It’s especially popular among younger millennials and members of Gen Z. As such, glamping was one of the themes of “Coca-Cola’s ZaiZai Douyin” party.

There’s also Baojinli (Hug Koe, meaning “embrace luck”), a popular theme with Gen Z in China.

This target audience was able to connect on the ZaiZai platform, share their unique styles, express themselves and tell a story using their Douyin avatars.

The results of the campaign were astounding, to say the least.

Over 54 million users attended the party on ZaiZai by the end of the summer and created one of the highest traffic peaks on the platform to date.

They generated 26.37 billion page views, successfully reaching WPP OpenX’s mission business goals of expanding the target audience by 17%.

The Gen Z market penetration levels were through the roof, cementing Coca-Cola's position in the lives of younger generations.

These are the first glimpses of metaverse activations and what marketing of the future will look like.

MediaCom acknowledged the success of the campaign and shared its views of one of its first metaverse engagements:

“MediaCom China, as part of WPP OpenX, was also able to demonstrate the true value of metaverse engagement in its primitive stage, bringing the young generation together in a new way that remained true to Coca-Cola’s brand.”

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