McDonald’s UAE Gives You Free Dinner After Your First Dinner

McDonald’s UAE Gives You Free Dinner After Your First Dinner

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 05, 2024

McDonald’s UAE recently launched its latest innovative campaign "After-Dinner Dinner," which caters to customers who find themselves with empty wallets and stomachs after splurging on high-end meals.

The latest efforts from the fast-food chain aims to turn unsatisfactory and overly expensive fine dining experiences into enjoyable moments under the Golden Arches.

McDonald's After-Dinner Dinner
McDonald's After-Dinner Dinner Signage l Source: Muse

Customers can redeem the offer with a dinner receipt from any restaurant, provided it totaled more than 600 AED.

The campaign positions McDonald’s as the go-to destination not only for after parties, movies and concerts, but also for after fine dining.

Giving Your Money's Worth

Select McDonald’s branches in Dubai strategically located near elegant restaurants now offer hungry late-night customers with "after-dinner" options ranging from a free chicken burger, cheeseburger, or combo meal.

All they have to do is present a dinner receipt from earlier in the evening.

Made together with creative agency FP7McCann Dubai, the campaign had a successful soft launch in-store for two weeks in Dubai. 

Discussions are also underway with internal teams in other markets to explore further regional releases.

McDonald's After-Dinner Dinner Campaign
A McDonald's 'After-Dinner' Dinner Street Sign. (Source: Muse)

Federico Fanti, chief creative officer at FP7McCann, shared the inspiration behind the campaign:

"I’ve always gone to McDonald’s after some kind of event or outing because I’m guaranteed good food and a good time. So, when the team noticed that we all do the same thing, we knew that there was an insightful idea here. The fact that it’s the fine dining bill that unlocked the promotion made it witty and fun to engage with."

Geo-targeted notifications play a crucial role in alerting customers to the satisfying meal awaiting them at McDonald’s.

Three McDonald's outlets in the Jumeirah district also launched the promotion due to their high level of late-night customer traffic.

Meanwhile, McDonald's also launched its own line of silver cutlery in Belgium.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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