McDonald's Japan Teases Upcoming Collab with One Piece Anime

McDonald's Japan Teases Upcoming Collab with One Piece Anime

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: April 14, 2023

McDonald’s Japan reveals a collaboration with One Piece through a series of social media posts teasing new products inspired by the popular anime show. 

The fast-food chain uploaded a 30-second video commercial featuring Gol D. Roger and the Straw Hats voiced by the original Japanese voice actors. In the spot, McDonald’s also put the Chicken Tatsuta in the spotlight, a crispy chicken sandwich consisting of a special “Tatsuta Patty,” ginger soy sauce and vegetables, exclusive to McDonald’s Japan.  

The fast-food chain will also be dropping rice variations of its iconic burger: the Rice Chicken Tatsuta and the yuzu radish Rice Chicken Tatsuta will make their debut in McDonald’s Japan stores on April 19.  

Leading up to the official release date, McDonald’s launched a set of teasers, most of which are styled like the anime’s iconic pirate poster.  

To hype up the collaboration, the fast-food giant also hosted a contest via Twitter, giving away a special “Mac card” worth 1000 yen to 100 lucky people who reply to their tweet.  

McDonald’s has long been known for collaborating with various film and animated franchises, with past collaborations including Pokémon and Gundam. 

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