McDonald's Wows Customers With Outside-the-Box Design Campaign

McDonald's Wows Customers With Outside-the-Box Design Campaign

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: March 30, 2023

McDonald’s Canada and Doordash Canada have released a print and digital OOH campaign titled “Faster Food” which is an innovative example of outside-the-box advertising.  

The campaign images are currently placed all over the city as a play on abstract art, featuring a splurge of what seem to be recognizable colours.  

The posters depict a minimal version of an iconic McDonald’s meal, evoking what that product would look like if you were running past it. Or rather, if it was running towards you with Doordash’s help. 

Creative agency No Fixed Addresswhich worked on the “Faster Food” campaign, played with traditional McDonald’s posters that feature a recognizable McDonald’s item horizontally with a clear view of the layered ingredients.  

The design team broke individual elements of a selected product down to its elementary colour blocks, creating layers of stripes that might take a moment to recognize but are familiar even when audiences are whizzing by. 

“McDonald’s menu items are globally recognised, so you don’t need to say a lot to tell the story," said Alexis Bronstorph, co-chief creative officer at No Fixed Address. 

Although the partnership between McDonald’s and Doordash was established in 2020, the “Faster Food” campaign was launched to remind customers of the partnership’s benefits and to kickstart a moment of social media virality, a marketing approach that McDonald’s is familiar with. 

However, this abstract design strategy is not one that smaller brands could necessarily take under their wing.  

The familiarity of audiences with McDonald’s products is key, as well as the fast-food company’s global consumer base of 70 million people, to ensure that an advertising risk will certainly pay off.  

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