McDonald's to Serve Cardi B and Offset Meal for Valentine's

McDonald's to Serve Cardi B and Offset Meal for Valentine's

News by Marge Serrano
Published: February 14, 2023

Owing to the success of the Famous Orders gig, McDonald's unleashes a Valentine’s Special Cardi B and Offset Meal set in line with their Super Bowl campaign "Knowing Their Order." 

The meal set will include a Cheeseburger with Barbeque Sauce for Cardi B and a Quarter Pounder for Offset. The drinks will respectively be a large Coke and a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. A large Fries and Apple Pie is also added to be shared by couples. 

True to its theme, the couple meal set will be available in McDonald's outlets starting on Valentine's Day. Hitting two birds with one stone, McDonald's cleverly utilizes holiday and celebrity trends to boost its sales further. 

McDonald's previously surpassed Wall Street expectations by gaining an additional 10.3% in revenue in the USA for their final quarter last year. The global food chain's success is attributed to its increased prices and customers opting for fast food due to inflation. 

To ramp up the first quarter of 2023, McDonald's will combine celebrity-stamped meals and couple sets. More than just a fad, the campaign also delves into the deeper meaning of relationships. 

Knowing Their Order, released on Super Bowl’s pregame, showed Cardi B and Offset reminiscing their McDonald's moments. It pays homage to Valentine's by highlighting the romantic notion of knowing exactly what your partner's order is. 

The campaign also pictures a plethora of other pairs from different ages, sexual orientations, races and abilities to showcase and emphasize both diversity and inclusion. 

Complementing the Valentine's special, McDonald's also partnered with popular dating apps to launch another campaign. Pairs from Tinder, Chispa and BLK can lightheartedly start their date by dining at McDonald’s and playing “truth or dare."  

A kiss cam billboard will also be available for couples who want to show off their love in Times Square. Participants will be featured in the kiss cam by taking a photo together in the kissing booth. 

Prior to the rapper lovebirds, the fast-food giant collaborated with BTS, Travis Scott, Mariah Carey and Saweetie. McDonald’s also expanded its partnerships with fashion brand Cactus Plant Flea Market to launch an adult version of Happy Meals. 

“Customer excitement was palpable and it’s fair to say the program exceeded expectations. This program drove the highest weekly digital transactions ever seen in the U.S.," states McDonald’s President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Kempczinski on the Cactus Plant Flea Market collaboration. 

Witty marketing campaigns aside, McDonald's is also looking into hyping up regular menu items like the McRib by invoking nostalgia and “fueling top-line momentum with limited added complexity in our restaurants," according to McDonald's Executive Vice President and Chief Finance Officer Ian Borden. 

Kempczinski remarks, “Our scalable insights are helping us tap into our fans love for McDonald’s and create culturally relevant campaigns that resonate across markets and drive growth." 

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