McDonald's Adorable Squishmallow Happy Meal Is Coming Soon

McDonald's Adorable Squishmallow Happy Meal Is Coming Soon

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 20, 2023

McDonald's is finally launching its highly-anticipated team-up with Squishmallow in a Happy Meal like no other.

The Squishmallows Happy Meal will be handed in restaurants nationwide starting December 26 and will give customers the chance to collect 12 adorable Squishmallow characters with every meal.

Iconic Squishmallow collectibles will include fan favorites such as Cam, Fifi, and even McDonald's very own Grimace, which had a boom in the audience earlier this year following an unsuspecting TikTok trend.

Additionally, the 12-character lineup will include a mystery character, delivering customers an extra thrill as they enjoy their Happy Meals.

Expanding the Happy Meal Experience

The fast-food giant is trying out something different this time around for its special Happy Meal.

To deepen experiences with its customers, each Squishmallow character will come with a specially curated playlist, courtesy of Universal Music Group.

Families can scan the QR code on the Happy Meal box to access the unique playlist of each Squishmallow, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the collectible experience.

Tariq Hassan, McDonald's US Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, expressed the company's enthusiasm for the collaboration.

"We're all about connecting our fans to culture, and Squishmallows are some of the hottest toys out there right now," Hassan explained in a press release.

As 2022's top-selling toy in America, the move for McDonald's to collaborate with the fast-growing toy company hopes to capture not only children looking to snag a Happy Meal but also adults, who account for the majority of Squishmallow sales.

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