McCann's Alex Lubar Joins DDB as Global President and COO

McCann's Alex Lubar Joins DDB as Global President and COO

Published: October 04, 2022

Alex Lubar, the current President of McCann North America, has decided to jump ship and join DDB Worldwide as a Global President and Chief Operating Officer. The latest career move shouldn’t be much of a challenge for Lubar, who has spent the last decade in various leadership positions.

His extensive knowledge of the industry and the experience he’s garnered throughout the years should prove invaluable in strengthening DDB Worldwide global leadership team and its CEO, Marty O’Halloran.

Lubar joined McCann North America in 2012. Before that, he boasted numerous leadership roles in McCann, namely in the Asia Pacific region. He was also the CEO of McCann London for a period of time. Even before Lubar joined McCann, he held leadership roles with different agencies, including Grey and BBH.

With such a breathtaking resume, it’s no wonder DDB Worldwide has set its sights on Lubar. He makes the perfect addition to O’Halloran’s lineup of highly skilled and deeply knowledgeable people who can strengthen DDB’s position on the market.

“My vision is to continue to hire the best talent in the industry and drive DDB Worldwide's growth,” O’Halloran said.

Alex embodies DDB's values and passion for unexpected creativity as the accelerant for client and agency growth. I am absolutely delighted he will be joining our team to fuel our current strategic plan globally. He shares our belief that creativity and emotion are the drivers of long-term, sustainable growth and I am excited to add him on to my DDB Worldwide leadership team.

“DDB is such an iconic agency with an astounding creative legacy,” Lubar added. “I am honored to work with Marty and his global leadership team to continue to take DDB and the network's clients to new levels of growth and fame.”

Under O’Halloran, and now Lubar, DDB Worldwide will keep providing top-of-the-line creative services through a team of incredible out-of-box thinkers. Outstanding teams that focus on creative, one-of-a-kind solutions and access to cutting-edge technology have always been DDB Worldwide’s strong suits. Lubar is to help DDB reach new levels of organic growth while staying true to the agency’s core values and beliefs.

Lubar will join DDB Worldwide in mid-October when his tenure as a Global President and Chief Operating Officer of the network will officially begin. He will be operating out of the company headquarters in New York.

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