Martin Scorsese Stars and Directs Squarespace Super Bowl Spot

Martin Scorsese Stars and Directs Squarespace Super Bowl Spot

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 07, 2024

Web design platform Squarespace just unveiled its full-length Super Bowl spot, and it's directed by Academy Award winner and legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

"Hello Down There," which will air during the Big Game on February 11, dives deep into humankind's obsessions with aliens — or rather, media depicting them.

It starts off with a young boy watching a montage of clips and actual news reports of extraterrestrials and UFO sightings. 

Source: Squarespace

The spot then brings viewers to a busy city full of people, with their eyes glued to their phones. They all fail to notice literal flying saucers hovering above them. 

As the company's press release describes, it's "a humorous take on capturing the essence of human life consumed by the digital world."

The flying saucer, controlled by aliens, makes rounds across different locations: in the park, the Eifel Tower, a business meeting, and even Japan's famous Shibuya Crossing. However, one thing remains the same: no one seems to notice.

Source: Squarespace

In a last-ditch effort, the extraterrestrials broadcast their own website onto the screens of humans in order to catch their attention. Of course, this site was made possible through the Squarespace platform, using Fluid Engine.

"HELLO DOWN THERE," the front page reads. With people over the world getting notified, they finally take it upon themselves to look up to see beautiful glowing space discs.

It wasn't long until the "Taxi Driver" director himself received the aliens' message to humankind.

Stuck in traffic, Scorsese hilariously quips at his driver: "I told you to take broadway, this always happens."

"At my age, it's a stretch finding a directorial debut. When Squarespace first approached me to create a spot, I thought this was my shot," Scorsese said. 

"Let's go big, let's do something out of this world – space guys building a website. I'm a New Yorker. We're busy, always on the move. Would we even notice extraterrestrials living among us? It's going to launch on this show called Super Bowl? Supposed to be big!"

According to the web design firm's press release, the 90-second spot comes as part of a broader marketing campaign highlighting the importance of having a professional web presence.

Within the same campaign, Squarespace has also enlisted the help of Francesca Scorsese to star alongside her father in a charming four-minute short film where they discuss creating a website using the platform. 

"At Squarespace, we have always said that an idea isn't real until you make a website for it," David Lee, Chief Creative Officer at Squarespace said in a statement.

"It's been an honor to work alongside the cinematic legend Martin Scorsese to bring this insight to life through his lens for our 10th Super Bowl campaign."

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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