Data-Driven Marketing Key to Great Email Campaigns, Mailchimp Reveals

Data-Driven Marketing Key to Great Email Campaigns, Mailchimp Reveals

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: March 07, 2023

Leveraging quantifiable data to inform marketing strategies and communication with audiences has become a key marketing trend in 2023. 

According to a study by Mailchimpone of the world’s most well-known marketing, automation and email platforms, the company’s customers saw up to 127% in click rates with the help of automated emails compared to bulk emails. 

Research shows that personalization and segmentation are essential when communicating with target audiences, something that is particularly effective when utilizing email marketing. On average, segmented email marketing campaigns result in 49% higher click-through rates than unsegmented campaigns. 

“Think about who your subscribers are, and what kind of information matters most to them. If your diverse audience groups with different needs all receive the same campaign, some could become frustrated by irrelevant content and stop opening your emails,” says Shani Boston, Senior Director of Product Development at Mailchimp, in an exclusive interview with Spotlight

In a time where customers feel increasingly bombarded with content on social media, email marketing is differentiating itself as a way to refresh communication with audiences.  

While tracking performance is essential, tools that give insight into why something did (or didn’t) perform are particularly useful. One such tool is Mailchimp’s “Content Optimizer” which uses data-backed suggestions to give recommendations on how to improve email marketing and communication strategies. 

“Consumers are bombarded with content, which means it’s important to make every effort to personalize your marketing and stand out. To tailor their email marketing and get the engagement they’re after, marketers need to lean into the data and segment their audiences,” adds Boston. 

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