M&M’s Join In On Trick-or-Treating this Halloween Season

M&M’s Join In On Trick-or-Treating this Halloween Season

Published: October 15, 2022

M&M’s, a Mars Wrigley confectionery company, partnered up with The&Partnership to sew some unique Halloween costumes for fan-favorite anthropomorphic chocolates.

Together, they created a 15-second video to advertise the “For However You Halloween” campaign that follows our favorite chocolates as they get ready for the spooky season, encouraging everybody to take part in this year’s Halloween.

The sweet treat lovers have a lot to look forward to each October, only this time, candies that traditionally reward successful trick-or-treaters will be joining in on the fun.

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M&M’s chocolates will celebrate the festive season alongside sugar-craving youngsters, don costumes of their own and binge horror movies.

The 15-second short of the WPP creative agency’s own making follows the well-known chocolates as they gear up for the Spooktober.

In the ad, Yellow, dresses up as a mummy and rubs its hands in anticipation as Brown cuts a chocolate cake with a knife too similar to the one Michael Myers wields in “Halloween” movies. Green adds final touches to its witch costume with a stylish hat and a broom to boost, while in the other room, Blue interrupts Orange’s horror movie marathon with a toy bat as Red observes in amusement.

Every M&M is up to something, reminding viewers that there’s a host of activities to enjoy this Halloween season.

The marketing campaign is a true celebration of the spookiest month of the year, and quite a relatable one since they are, in fact, chocolates.

“For However You Halloween” encourages participation, celebrates tradition and reminds customers that Halloween is for everyone.

“M&M’s is committed to bringing people together, creating a world where everyone feels they belong,” said Chris Brody, brand content and communications architect at Mars Wrigley.

“Halloween is a key season for consumers as they come together to celebrate both old and new traditions, so it was important that we utilized our iconic characters to encourage people to feel confident being their true selves and connect with one another through shared experiences and the power of fun.”

Shared experiences do matter, but so does uniqueness according to Jim Stump, creative director at The&Partnership.

“The new brand direction lets us begin to show more of each character’s unique personality,” Stump said. “Halloween’s a fun start, and from here on we can let different characters turn up in response to different moments throughout the rest of the year too.”

It’s ads like these that bring people together, so don’t forget to join in on all the fun this October in one way or the other, “For However You Halloween.”

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