L’Oréal Takes Spotlight at Viva Tech with AI-Backed Beauty Innovations

L’Oréal Takes Spotlight at Viva Tech with AI-Backed Beauty Innovations

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: June 14, 2023

L’Oréal is taking the spotlight at this year’s Viva Technology in Paris, France.

The annual tech conference showcases the best of startups and innovation, and this year L’Oréal is presenting beauty tech innovations that enable “beauty for all and beauty for each.” 

The French cosmetics company has used artificial intelligence and data-powered diagnostic devices to revolutionize its approach to self-care and sustainability in the beauty industry.  

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To harness the power of beauty as a space for individual and collective empowerment and progress, L’Oréal has in recent years released a range of innovative beauty tech products throughout their brand portfolio, including Maybelline, La Roche-Posay, and Lancôme.  

“By putting our resources behind emerging technologies that democratize access to smarter and more sustainable beauty, we enable everyone to enjoy beauty more equitably and on their terms,” said Nicolas Hieronimus, the CEO of L’Oréal Groupe in a blog post. 

(Source: L’Oréal Groupe)

At this year’s CES, the personal care company unveiled some of its brands’ innovative products.  

Lancôme’s prototype of the HAPTA took centerstage as the first handheld, ultra-precise computerized makeup applicator designed to advance the beauty needs of people with limited hand and arm mobility.  

Meanwhile, La Roche-Posay's skin diagnostic tool, Spotscan+, uses artificial intelligence and a bank of 6,000 photos to evaluate the severity of acne-prone skin with only three selfies required from the user.  

Maybelline has also utilized AI to create 12 virtual makeup looks for users to try on while using Microsoft Teams, taking remote work a step further.  

(Source: L’Oréal Groupe)

These are just some of the ways that L’Oréal has showcased the importance of innovation in the beauty industry, with more being presented at Viva Tech, which is being held from June 14-17.  

“Through Beauty Tech, we connect with billions of consumers around the world. This allows us to understand their unique and evolving needs and augment people’s infinite diversity with an unrivaled degree of precision and personalization, in the real and the virtual world,” concluded Asmita Dubey, the chief digital and marketing officer of L’Oréal Groupe. 

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