Logitech G and Maybelline Make for an Unexpected Match

Logitech G and Maybelline Make for an Unexpected Match

Published: October 01, 2022

The gaming peripherals manufacturer Logitech G teamed up with Maybelline New York to deliver a one-of-a-kind social gaming experience in Sydney, Australia. The venue, located in the inner-city creative hub of Crown Street, Surry Hills, served as home to the event that lasted from Thursday, September 8, to Sunday, September 11. The pop-up event was organized to celebrate Logitech G’s release of the all-inclusive Aurora collection.

The Logitech G X Maybelline New York Aurora Positive Pop-Up marketing event showcased the latest lineup of gaming peripherals but also signaled the company’s support of a more even playing field and gender-inclusive gaming. In an industry traditionally seen as masculine, gaming has a lot to offer to everyone, and events such as these aim to bring out the colorful beauty of the gaming community in its full spectrum.

The Aurora peripherals are more gender neutral, preceding the usual dark tones and hues and replacing them with a broader palette of colors to appeal to a wider gaming audience. Logitech G has done away with the common metallic design and replaced it with peripherals, emphasizing comfort, playfulness, and joie de vivre. It’s a collection that more gamers than ever will be able to get behind and enjoy, solidifying gaming as an industry that belongs to every gamer out there, not just the traditional depiction of one.

The Positive Pop-Up event was a blast, having sold out within two hours of opening to the public, prompting the organizers to extend the event by a whole day. Attendees were welcome to Maybelline express makeover, complimentary refreshments, and various other treats. Each guest left the venue with a goodie bag as a sign of gratitude, successfully committing the entire event to memory.

“At Logitech G we believe in the power of play and are committed to delivering gender-inclusive gaming experiences,” says Daniel Hall, senior category portfolio manager, Logitech G ANZ. “The Aurora Collection is a groundbreaking design embracing the casual cozy gamer and is truly a joy to use. We wanted the gaming community to get hands-on with Aurora, so the pop-up was the perfect way to do that, and to our delight, all sessions were booked out so quickly.”

He highlighted Maybelline’s part in the event: 

“Another exciting element has been the partnership with Maybelline New York, who has already started their gaming journey, working with one of our gaming ambassadors, Fasffy. It’s been a thrill to plan, and we can’t wait for Thursday’s kick-off!”

The event was the first opportunity for the customers to engage with Logitech G in years and to check out the new collection. The Aurora Collection includes the G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard, G735 Wireless Gaming Headset, G713 Gaming Keyboard, and G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse. There’s also a lightspeed series in the collection, including G705 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse, G715 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Keyboard and G735 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset.

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