Logitech Reaches out to Gen Z on BeReal

Logitech Reaches out to Gen Z on BeReal

Published: December 16, 2022

Logitech partnered with the social media platform BeReal to promote its holiday bargains this season. The “12 Days of Deals” holiday campaign consisted of valuable surprise deals every day for 12 days, ending on December 10.

During the event, Logitech extended exclusive offers on various items, like webcams, keyboards, gaming headsets, and others. The offers were tied with holiday themes and characters, such as several cameos from The Elf on The Shelf.

Erika Priestley, the brand’s vice president of global marketing, described the move as more than just a seasonal push and called it a “transformational period” for the electronics company.

“The concept stemmed from thinking about an innovative way to show up this holiday season to reposition the traditional gift guide,” Priestley said.

The addition of BeReal to Logitech’s holiday strategy is an attempt at advertising to Gen Z, particularly those who feel the “anti-Instagram” sentiment that this social network is all about. The electronics company hopes to reach its customers wherever they are, and a rapidly growing social network is the place to do just that. In adding BeReal to its roster, Logitech has joined the ranks of American Eagle and Chipotle, who also have a presence there.

“Gen Z lives on BeReal,” Priestley said. “Gen Z places new value on authenticity and filterless feeds, and if we’re trying to convert this audience to Logitech fans, we’ll need to meet them where they are.”

Gen Z is searching for authenticity, be it authentic people on social networks or transparency from brands advertising to them. There’s far less patience for fakeness, giving rise to places like BeReal, but brands also need a more honest approach on all channels.

“We believe it’s about brand authenticity – showing up true to the platform and its features in an authentic way,” Priestley said. “We feel we’ve achieved that.”

So far, it seems that Gen Z and other platform dwellers are reacting well to brands that communicate with them through channels emphasizing candidness.

“Sentiment has been positive, and we’ve received feedback from users on the platform saying how happy they are to see Logitech on BeReal,” she said. “People and Logitech fans are intrigued and curious about what we’re going to do on the platform.”

“We’re going to continue to learn more about the platform and identify platform-specific opportunities so we can continue to show up in a unique way,” she concluded.

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