Livewire Unveils Gameview – A Platform for Gaming Advertising

Livewire Unveils Gameview – A Platform for Gaming Advertising

Published: November 15, 2023

Livewire, a marketing tech pioneer, introduces Gameview, streamlining gaming advertising for brands.

As brands increasingly tap into gaming, Gameview serves as a user-friendly platform for constructing, activating and assessing diverse gaming campaigns. 

Gameview, a versatile data management tool, measures campaign performance across gaming environments, including titles like "Call of Duty" or "Mario Kart."

The platform's platform-agnostic nature enables it to adapt to various gaming landscapes, but developer permissions for in-game ad assessment remain a challenge. 

Livewire's co-founder Indy Khabra highlighted Gameview's role in empowering advertisers to select target audiences, ad formats and mediums.

Campaign execution is guided by the Gameview team using a three-step system, assessing placement, interaction rates and in-view time for in-game assets to gauge campaign effectiveness. 

In a market lacking standardized gaming ad formats, Gameview steps in to assist overwhelmed marketers by collating data from gaming environments—inside, around, and outside the game—into a user-friendly dashboard.

This initiative aligns with industry efforts to boost confidence and investment in gaming. 

As part of the evolving gaming advertising landscape, Livewire's Gameview competes with platforms like Iion, aiming to demystify complexities for marketers.

Positioned as a promising solution, Gameview addresses the challenges of the dynamic and fragmented gaming environment, contributing to the growth of this burgeoning format. 

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