Liquid Death Kicks Off Album Promo with New Music Video

Liquid Death Kicks Off Album Promo with New Music Video

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: June 29, 2023

Canned water company Liquid Death is kicking off promotions for its third studio album, “Greatest Hates Volume lll,” with a new music video.  

Inspired by real-life hate comments the brand has received online, the two-minute “F**k Whoever Started This” music video showcases the first single off the brand’s new album “Greatest Hates Volume III.”  

In the music video, Liquid Death’s “haters” are seen engaging in a witch hunt against the water drink, tying a can of it to a stake, and surrounding it while carrying spikes and burning torches.  

As the haters perform an 80s-inspired dance number on a cabin dancefloor, a man holding a Liquid Death drink walks in, before he is tied up as well.  

Watch the music video here:

The latest single, along with its music video and album, were all conceptualized by Liquid Death’s in-house creative team.  

The company also tapped high-profile celebrities and musicians such as American skateboarder Tony Hawk, My Chemical Romance’s guitarist Frank Iero, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, and more to work on each track in the album.

“It wasn’t until I lent my vocals to Worst Name For A Water Company that I realized my true potential as a singer,” shared Hawk.  

”I am now ready to boldly step into my next career thanks to the foresight of Liquid Death. Rick Rubin better be ready.” 

Liquid Death vice president of creatives Andy Pearson also expressed gratitude to the guests who made appearances in the album. “But we’re even more grateful to all the internet commenters who helped us write it. We didn’t have to pen a single lyric. Every single word was taken verbatim from real internet haters,” he added. 

The eclectic water brand is known for its out-of-the-box social media campaigns and inventive brand strategies, including documentaries, wacky commercials and even a collaboration with Blink 182’s Travis Barker. 

Now, it celebrates the release of its third studio album, following the success of Greatest Hates Volume I and II, which have collectively earned over 627,000 Spotify streams. 

Iero also shared his experience working with Liquid Death: “Not only does it make a great product that I really enjoy, but I think it is super smart and hyper-creative about the way it markets itself.” 

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