Liquid Death Iced Tea Has Grannies Go Wild in Hilarious Ad

Liquid Death Iced Tea Has Grannies Go Wild in Hilarious Ad

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: March 02, 2023

Your favourite and funniest beverage company Liquid Death just released a hilarious spot for the launch of its new line of Iced Teas. The Liquid Death Iced Tea is marketed as “Your Grandma’s Energy Drink,” if your grandma is off her rocker like the elderly women in the campaign commercial. 

In what can only be described as an unexpected fever dream, the spot sees a group of grandmas going wild. Jamming to heavy metal, fighting in an MMA match and hanging out of speeding cars as they pour Liquid Death down their throats – these grandmas may as well have been part of the original Jackass ensemble. This should be no surprise since Jackass’ movie director, Jeff Tremaine, is the man behind the spot. 

No grandmas were injured in the making of this commercial. Instead, the costumed cast is made up of Liquid Death co-founder and CEO Mike Cessario, Brand VP Greg Fans, comedian Shapel Lacey, skater Dane Burman, indie rock musician Jen Razavi and MMA fighter Jason Ellis.  

Makeup and special effects designer Tony Gardner designed the masks, adding to his already well-established portfolio, which includes specially designed headgear for Daft Punk.  

The electrifying campaign spot is certainly an authentic way to draw attention to Liquid Death’s Iced Tea launch which includes three variations on classic iced tea; Grim Leafer, Armless Palmer and Rest In Peach.  

With one of the largest followings on social media among beverage companies, Liquid Death is taking its characteristic branding strategy to the next level, using humour and shock value to attract customers. However, behind the veil lies a company philosophy dedicated to health, sustainability and out-of-the-box marketing. 

“These psychotic cans of iced tea are dead set on using natural agave and B vitamins to savagely murder your thirst and turn its insides into balloon animals to book gigs at children’s birthday parties,” reads the official description. 

This isn’t the first time that Liquid Death has put its older consumers in the spotlight. Dorothea Taylor, popularly known as “The Godmother of Drumming,” was recently signed as a brand ambassador for the beverage company.  

 Liquid Death’s authentic approach to marketing, which combines humour and entertainment, is certainly a refreshing take on today's advertising climate  

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