Lipton Introduces ‘Hard Iced Tea’ In Hilarious New Campaign

Lipton Introduces ‘Hard Iced Tea’ In Hilarious New Campaign

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: May 16, 2023

Lipton is finally introducing ‘Hard Iced Tea,’ the alcoholic version of its trademark beverage, in a series of new spots.  

The brand campaign named after the new drink features three 30-second commercials that emphasize why making spiked iced teas was an “obvious” next step for the brand.  

In the first spot titled “Mechanical Bull,” viewers are greeted with two corporate workers watching their boss enjoy riding a mechanical bull inside the office.  

“Do you think the boss likes that I replaced his chair with a mechanical bull,” the woman asked her co-worker.  

“Obviously,” he replied. 

Another worker comes into frame to hand the two a can each of the new drink, to which one said, “looked refreshing.” 

“Obviously,” he responded.  

“America’s Favorite Tea, made of Hard Iced Tea? Obviously,” the narrator explained as the commercial ended. 

The next two spots follow suit. In “Pool Party,” a man walks into his friends playing pool on a billiards table dressed in swimming attire. “Oh, you meant this kind of pool?” he asked, to which his friends responded “obviously.”

Similarly, in “Oil Painter,” two subjects ask the painter if they should hold their pose for several days, to which he replies with “obviously.”  

Lipton’s Hard Iced Tea contains 5% alcohol per can and comes in four flavors: Lemon, Peach, Strawberry and Half & Half.  

According to Lisa Texido, Lipton Hard Iced Tea’s brand director, the drink is “what you want hard iced tea to taste like.” “We created the recipe to make sure that the smooth, balanced flavor people love about Lipton iced tea really came through. I think people are surprised that a hard iced tea can be this delicious – it’s a must-try,” she added.  

The new campaign went live last Monday and was developed in tandem with the creative company Founders Agency. Katie Reid and Kristin Mizushima, two senior copywriters from Founders, explained how it was like working behind the spots. 

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“With a new brand there’s always a bit more creative freedom and it’s even more fun when you get to pitch ideas like ‘let’s put a mechanical bull in the middle of an office space,’” they explained. 

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