LinkedIn Dances You to Your Next Career Move in Inspiring Ad

LinkedIn Dances You to Your Next Career Move in Inspiring Ad

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: May 27, 2023

LinkedIn’s recently released “Find Your In” ad showcases the value of indirect branding and high-quality advertising. 

The spot features a young girl sitting solemnly in a laundromat. A LinkedIn notification pops up on her phone, stating “Find your next career move.”  

Glancing around at the clothes on display, the girl lets her imagination run wild as she breaks into an energetic dance to Remi Wolf’s catchy tune “Guerilla.”  

As she tries on different career outfits and continues dancing, the girl is symbolically dancing with her potential, playing with the idea of different career paths that might suit her in the future. 

The spot ends with a direct call to action: “Find jobs, career advice, community. Find your in.” 

The career-based platform opts for indirect advertising in its new ad, relying on music, work by a top video production company, and entertainment to get LinkedIn’s value across to both existing and potential users. 

The approach is a refreshing change compared to most advertising spots, which prioritize hard sells and on-the-nose branding to audiences.  

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On the other hand, LinkedIn refreshes this approach with “Find Your In” by relying on its existing branding value and allowing viewers to conclude for themselves how the platform could help them achieve their potential. 

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