Lily Ray Believes Google’s 'Jarvis-Like' SGE Won't Make Websites Redundant

Lily Ray Believes Google’s 'Jarvis-Like' SGE Won't Make Websites Redundant

Published: December 04, 2023

Google's development of AI systems like the Search Generative Experience (SGE) is set to mark a significant shift in SEO.

Search engines are moving towards a model that could entirely bypass traditional website listings, favoring instead a system to provide single answers compiled from data collected.

Google's Own 'Jarvis'

In a podcast with DesignRush, SEO expert Lily Ray acknowledged the likelihood of a one-answer system while also questioning its ability to fully satisfy the user.

"AI's role seems to align with Google's ongoing direction – providing quick answers by leveraging their extensive data. This often means users don't need to click on websites for more information," Ray observed.

"There are discussions about Google's evolution going toward a 'Jarvis-like' [Iron Man's AI partner] model, a one-answer system utilizing voice or devices. This vision implies a future where Google could provide answers without citing or linking to websites."

Users Prefer More Than a Simple Answer

The convenience of receiving definitive answers to our questions is appealing, but reality is hardly ever that simple. This is why the exploration of various sources, opinions and perspectives will remain essential to the human experience, as Lily Ray points out.

"Human nature craves exploration and variety. People, especially younger generations, may accept answers at face value, but in general, humans are inquisitive and skeptical. They prefer to explore different sources, brands and viewpoints."

"If search engines only offered singular, definitive answers, it might not fully satisfy this innate curiosity. Thus, there will always be a need for websites and content creators to provide diverse perspectives and information," she concluded.

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