Lily Collins Is Once Again Emily Cooper For New NBC Ad

Lily Collins Is Once Again Emily Cooper For New NBC Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 15, 2024

British-American actress Lily Collins is reprising her role as the fashion-forward Emily Cooper from the popular Netflix series Emily in Paris - this time, front and center in a new NBC ad campaign promoting the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

In the 45-second spot, Collins pitches a bold and extravagant new uniform for United States Olympic sprinter Noah Lyles.

"Noah will be wearing legendary designer Pierre Cadault," she excitedly announces, paying homage to one of the fashion influencers from the show's first season.

The proposed outfit features dangling chains and a shiny robe with the inscription "I'm the one" across its back.

When questioned about the safety of Lyles competing in such a heavily adorned ensemble, Emily hesitates before assuring, "Um, yes, it has been tested. It is safe. Maybe not for the other runners, but we're just talking about Noah!" 

Cut to a scene of Lyles effortlessly securing first place on the track, his competitors struggling to run properly with the bright, yellow cape of his flamboyant attire covering their vision.

"Vive Noah!" Emily cheers, spraying the boardroom members with champagne in celebration of Lyles' victory.

In a twist, the executives suggest going even bigger, prompting Emily to design an extravagant gold-armored outfit for Lyles.

The sprinter, already sporting the original golden look, enthusiastically embraces the idea, exclaiming, "I can do bigger!"

The spot concludes with Cooper celebrating Lyles' triumph with Champère Champagne, a fictional brand from the Netflix series, while the executives look on in surprise.

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Why Emily Cooper? 

NBCUniversal's CMO Jenny Storms expressed excitement about Collins as Cooper bringing her fantastical marketing ideas to the Olympic campaign. 

"Her stylish pitch fits perfectly with our strategy and will generate excitement for the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, one of the fashion capitals of the world," Storms explained.

As the Paris Olympics approach, anticipation builds for Lyles, the 26-year-old track and field sensation, aiming to continue his success after winning gold in both the 100 and 200-meter events at the 2023 World Championships.

The ad, set to debut during NBC Sports' coverage of the NFL Playoffs' wild card game, is part of NBCUniversal's extensive coverage of the Olympics, featuring other style icons like Snoop Dogg as a special correspondent for the event.

The Games are scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 11.

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