LG Goes Modern With New Brand Direction and Visual Identity

LG Goes Modern With New Brand Direction and Visual Identity

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: April 12, 2023

LG Electronics has revealed an unexpected new brand direction to connect with all audiences, despite age and location. 

Establishing itself as an iconic brand, the tech corporation is revamping its visual look while focusing on digital interactions with consumers, as it seeks to establish itself as an iconic brand in the competitive consumer electronics market. 

 According to Brand Communication Guidelines, which have been shared with LG Electronics employees worldwide, the company’s core values are “uncompromising customer experience,” “human-centered innovation” and warmth to power a smile.”  

Its values are encompassed through LG’s slogan “Life's Good,” while its brand mission, “Innovation for a Better Life,” aims to create a better life for both individuals and the planet.  

One of the most noticeable changes in LG's brand refresh is the digitalization of its visual identity. 

The company's logo now comes to life through a series of animations, allowing it to wink, smile, or greet customers on digital platforms featuring the LG sign, adding a touch of interactivity to the brand. 

“Implementing the new brand strategy, LG aims to become an iconic brand that resonates with consumers transcending generations and locations,” said the CEO of LG Electronics, William Cho. 

Additionally, LG’s recognizable red color has changed to a slightly more energetic hue titled “Active Red” and now includes gradient elements.

A new typeface has also been implemented, featuring integrated shapes inspired by existing LG products which adds a cohesive visual identity to the brand. 

"Having a strong, consistent brand strategy enables us to better communicate our value proposition and unique identity, which harmonically blends innovation and warmth," added Cho.  

The South Korean multinational corporation’s introduction of a new brand direction proves its willingness to shift strategies and follow current trends.  

Although LG’s refreshed visual identity may not immediately visible to the naked eye, the company is hopeful that it will resonate with customers across various target groups, potentially attracting new customers to the brand. 

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