Lexus Outshines Robots in a New 'Future Proof' Ad

Lexus Outshines Robots in a New 'Future Proof' Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 08, 2024

Luxury vehicle company Lexus just launched a new spot highlighting the future-forward innovation of its NX Series. 

The 30-second spot "Future Proof" begins with the animatronic robot "Nev-R-Fail Delivery Bot" stuck in the middle of a busy street, as it fails to deliver a package.

While the incident causes a gridlock among cars, a man nearing the crossing asks his Lexus NX350h for alternate routes, to which the car shows him.

As the man heads in a different direction, he is met by a flying robot aiming to deliver a box of pizza.

However, misfortune strikes the robot, as it crashes right onto a stop signal. 

Reaching his destination, the man lets his car do the parallel parking for him, as a humanoid robot stares at him and his car in disbelief. 

"The future — sometimes it's a work in progress, other times it's pretty well thought-out," the narrator explains. 

The commercial closes by highlighting three of its NX models:

  • the NX Hybrid
  • the NX F Sport
  • the NX Plug-In Hybrid

Created by Team One agency, the new spot comes as part of a commercial series the automobile giant has put out to promote its various models. 

Recently, Lexus also launched a 30-second spot promoting its Lexus ES 350, and how the brand listens to its consumers by incorporating long-desired features into the vehicles.

"You told us you loved stargazing, almost as much as you hate parallel parking. Remember how you forget to charge your phone? All good. That heavy right foot of yours? We got you. The Lexus ES didn't begin in a studio. It began with you," the narrator shared at the time. 

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