'Live in Levi's' Campaign Kicks Off with Epic Dance Number

'Live in Levi's' Campaign Kicks Off with Epic Dance Number
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 25, 2024

Levi’s has just unveiled its latest campaign, marking its new CMO Kenny Mitchell's first global push with the 170-year-old brand.

Developed in collaboration with creative agency TBWA\Chiat\Day, the campaign "The Floor Is Yours" celebrates the spirit of movement and progress through dance. 

In a 60-second ad, a group of friends are seen hanging around together in a living room, visibly bored as they flip through television shows.

After coming across a captivating dance performance on TV, they suddenly break into dance, inspired to create their moves while sporting Levi's denim gear. 

Tables, chairs, and other furniture begin to move across the room, juxtaposing the fluid movements of the dancers and ultimately reflecting the iconic brand's longstanding association with action and innovation.

The commercial ends with the camera zooming out to reveal that the group of friends themselves were part of a TV show, inspiring a new pair of dancers to take the floor and strut their moves.

"The Floor Is Yours," the screen writes, as the spot closes.

Mitchell explained the idea behind the campaign and its use of dance as a metaphor for movement and progress.

"We did a fair amount of work trying to reveal the heart and spirit of the brand and we landed on the idea that Levi’s is the unofficial uniform of progress," he shared.

TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles CEO Erin Riley also shared the methodology behind The Floor Is Yours. 

"In a category that is pretty flush with authenticity and self-expression, we spent a lot of time thinking about the soul of this brand and how we can reveal that in a way that is true to Levi’s legacy, but also make it unmissably modern."

Levi's Launches #LevisOpenCall In Search of Dancers

Set to an unreleased track by Grammy Award-winning producer Kaytranada featuring Channel Tres, the ad ties into Levi's efforts to invite viewers to participate in the #LevisOpenCall.

Interested individuals can submit dance auditions via TikTok, Instagram, or an online portal for a chance to be featured in Kaytranada’s music video, which will eventually be part of Levi’s long-form content.

Mitchell emphasizes the inclusivity of the brand campaign, stating that it gives fans "a chance to express themselves and show how they live in Levi’s." 

Moving past traditional casting methods, the denim brand will be leveraging social media for the casting call, featuring MTV VMA Award-winning choreographer Sherrie Silver. Notably, its latest efforts also mark the first time the brand has opened casting to its fans.

The CMO also explains companies to connect with customers no matter the platform they're to adapt to today's digital landscape.

"Any marketer who’s been doing this a long time knows you want to focus on where your consumers are [...] In the event something were to happen with TikTok, you’ll find places to engage with your fans—we’re going to follow consumer behavior," he shared. 

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