Leo Burnett and McDonald’s Bring Families Closer Together This Christmas

Leo Burnett and McDonald’s Bring Families Closer Together This Christmas
Published: November 15, 2022

The global advertising agency Leo Burnett has worked with multinational fast food chain McDonald’s in capturing the true meaning of Christmas this year with its “The List” ad, emphasizing togetherness and family over gifts and trinkets.

Oscar-winner Tom Hooper directed the 90-second spot that follows young Alfie and his family as they prepare for Christmas. As Alfie’s Christmas list for Santa grows and grows, and his investment in it increases, it becomes obvious that he's gotten a little carried away.

“We can all get a bit carried away by the excitement of Christmas, but we all know it's those small moments with loved ones that matter the most,” said Chaka Sobhani, the chief creative officer at Leo Burnett UK and Global. “We hope the Alternative Christmas List taps into that, particularly in such a difficult year.”

While the family walks down the street, an almost supernatural gust of wind blows Alfie’s list out of his hands and up into the sky. They desperately try to get ahold of it but to no avail. Alfie’s parents comfort the visibly upset child, taking him to McDonald’s to cheer him up.

When his parents inquire about the list, Alfie unfurls the most important piece of the paper and the only one he managed to hold on to — a hand-drawn picture of his family, together.

Right now, brands walk a thin line between down-to-earth and imaginary, considering the struggles many people are facing amidst high inflation and the ever-increasing cost of living

There’s a high risk to brand affinity and reputation should they read the room wrong. However, Leo Burnett and McDonald’s seem to have found the middle ground in these hard times, emphasizing togetherness over materialism and doing so in a tasteful manner.

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