Leo Burnett Toronto and Kellogg Canada Celebrate 70-Year-Old Partnership With Newt the Gnu

Leo Burnett Toronto and Kellogg Canada Celebrate 70-Year-Old Partnership With Newt the Gnu

Published: December 13, 2022

Leo Burnett Toronto and Kellogg Canada met for a nice evening out at The Oxley in Toronto to celebrate 70 years of successful collaboration and partnership. The star of the evening was a short film following the life of a would-be cereal commercial star, Newt the Gnu.

The short film was produced by Circle Productions for the creative agency Martel and animated by Tonic DNA. It follows the exploits of Newt the Gnu, once a prospective candidate for the face of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, now a jealous wreck of a gnu.

The entire animation was a surprise on Leo Burnett’s part for their fellow partners at Kellogg Canada. It was an homage to the 70 long years they’ve spent working together, creating ads that entire generations will remember fondly.

"We've done a lot of great things together,” said Steve Persico, co-CCO, Leo Burnett Canada. “Instead of patting our own backs we decided it would be nice to hear what the one and only nay-sayer had to say."

Newt the Gnu first tells his tragic backstory, explaining how Tony the Tiger was chosen over Newt and two other characters as the star of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Newt was one of the mascot candidates in 1952, but sadly, he didn’t make the cut.

(Source: Newt the Gru LinkedIn)

He proceeds to explain how Tony the Tiger grew over the years, much like Leo Burnett and Kellogg’s partnership, while Newt remained nothing more than a 2D cutout. He survived thanks to minor gigs here and there, never amounting to the potential he believes he has.

If anyone is looking for actors, they should contact Newt the Gnu through his LinkedIn page.

The animated short brought on waves of laughter and applause, proving once and for all that Kellogg Canada and Leo Burnett is “a partnership to make anyone jealous.”

“A partnership that has lasted this long and is still going strong is a huge testament to everyone who has touched the Kellogg’s brand on both the agency and client side,” said Emma Eriksson, vice president of marketing and wellbeing, Kellogg Canada Inc. “Everyone who works on it knows they’re part of something special and this 70-year mark is proof that it truly is.”

Leo Burnett Canada echoes that sentiment.

“The secret to the success of our 70-year run?” added Mandy Eaton, vice president and group account director, Leo Burnett Canada. “Simply put, it’s a true partnership through and through. One based on mutual trust, respect and a shared passion for Kellogg and its beloved brands.”

“There are two sides to every success story.” And Leo Burnett and Kellogg are the two sides of this story.

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